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Experience the warmth of community in the center of the Pacific Northwest.

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By carefully planning and thoughtfully executing the development of the Master Planned Community of Sunrise over the past 30 years, the Corliss Family has made it their legacy to ensure that future generations can revel in the unparalleled beauty that Washington offers in a Master Planned Community.

The Sunrise communities inspire and enrich the lives of all who call it home.

Our neighborhood

1,501 acre Master Planned Community consisting of open space buffers, wetlands, and gorgeous Mt. Rainier views. With a mix of single-family homes, apartments, townhomes, and condominiums, interconnected with greenbelts, bicycle paths, and expansive parkways, Sunrise is an upscale Puyallup community where people live, work, and play.

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Rising Residences

New apartment living coming to Sunrise!
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Spring 2024

Shine at Sunrise. What we offer.

Elevate your living

Mountain views for any budget and stage of life

Community spirit

Rise to the occasion at neighborhood and community events

Everything you need

A new entertainment town center coming 2024-2025

Something for everyone

Green spaces, walking trails, court and parks

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Experience the growing community at Sunrise, visit our parks, recreational spaces or meet with HOA.

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Our history

With over 100 years of development experience, Corliss Management Group and the Sunrise Community stand proudly at the forefront of crafting exceptional living spaces. With the Corliss Vision, we have built a reputation for creating homes that cater to every stage of life, ensuring comfort and fulfillment with integrity at the cornerstone of our endeavors.


Application submitted for Rainier Terrace Master Planned Community development.


Final Environmental Impact Statement issued.


County adopts Concomitant Zoning Agreement (CZA) for Rainier Terrace. New zoning ordinance adopted.


CZA for Rainier Terrace approved, outlining master plans for various aspects of development.


Amendments made to the CZA for Rainier Terrace.


Sunrise property designated as Employment Based Planned Community (EBPC). Extension alignment approved.


Addendum to Environmental Impact Statement issued. Request for Major Amendments submitted.


Major Amendment to Sunrise Master Plan Decision made, transitioning to Planned Development District (PDD).


Project status changed to Master Planned Community (MPC).


Sunrise Development Corporation sold to Destiny. Concomitant Agreement terminated.


Parcels sold to Emerald Ridge Property LLC.


Application for 5-year update review submitted.


Critical Area Master Plan approved. Application for Major Amendment submitted.


Memorandum of Understanding regarding Traffic Mitigation established.


Major Amendments approved.


Legal documents finalized for property transfer.


Restated Development Agreement submitted.


Minor Amendment to Master Plan approved.


5-year update and Minor Amendment approved.


Plat alterations and Final Plat approvals granted.


Final Plat approvals for various developments.


Plat alterations and Preliminary Plat approvals granted.


Final Plat approvals for residential developments.


Extension of Development Agreement and Final Plat approvals.


5-Year Update approved, Regional Park opened.


Plat alterations and Final Plat approvals granted.

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Our community

Explore Sunrise, where the heart of our community is not just the stunning scenery but the genuine friendships and community events that bring us together.

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"Over the past 25+ years, we have found Sunrise to be different from other communities due to its incredible beauty and consistently high standards in maintaining all amenities and community areas. We have wonderful neighbors whom we love."
- Cody H.
"I love Sunrise because it is a friendly neighborhood that has a lot to offer residents. I love how clean everything is and the great sense of community."
- Eric S.
"I have lived in Sunrise for over 30 years and it is a nice community that is safe."
- John M.
"I love EVERYTHING about Sunrise from the wonderful upkeep to the responsiveness of the neighborhood staff ... it is a safe community we love."
- William BT.

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